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In an effort to learn some Australian birds, I have created a running list of the birds I’ve seen based on the informed identification of friends. Trust in biology grad students!

Emu-Dromaius novaehollandiae (driving back from the Grampians, April 17, 2016)

Galah cockatoo-Eolophus roseicapilla (all over the place, 2015-2016 and onwards)

Common Myna-Acridotheres tristis (Monash campus, daily, 2015)


Australian Magpie- Cracticus tibicen (All over the place, March, 2015)


Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo- Calyptorhynchus funereus (Toolangi State Forest, May 17, 2015)

Featured image

White necked Heron- Ardea pacifica (on the way to Toolangi State Forest, May 17, 2015)

Saw my first wallaby up close that day too!

Featured image

Crimson Rosella- Platycercus elegans (Wilson’s Promontory, April 10, 2015)

Featured image

Kookaburra- genus Dacelo (Wilson’s Promontory, April 10, 2015)


Rainbow Lorikeet- Trichoglossus moluccanus (somewhere near Monash, Clayton, approximately March 20, 2015)

I literally gasped the first time I saw this guy! Soon after that a birder friend referred to them as “trash birds”.




Artamidae (Australian magpie)

Ardeidae (White-necked heron)

Cacatuidae (Yellow-tailed black cockatoo, Galah cockatoo)

Dromaiidae (Emu)

Halcyonidae (Kookaburra)

Psittaculidae (Crimson rosella, Rainbow lorikeet)

Sturnidae (Common Myna)



I do not own and did not take any of these photos. They are all from google images.